The Product
HistoryPin provides users with an opportunity to connect with media artifacts and the unique locations they were collected from through a social sharing platform wrapped around metadata tagged media. 

The Project
Historypin supports strong content creator communities but the user experience has stood in the way of reaching content consumers. Accessibility with the current interface is a struggle even with ideal conditions. With the potential age range of users, and the complexity of the platform, the user experience needs to support users at all levels.
My Role
Information Architecture, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Branding.

The first phase project deliverables were in support of grant funding activities with future projects taking on the bulk of the development phase. With a short timeline and budget, my process was looser than I usually prefer. The results take on various fidelity levels to ensure we covered as much ground as possible to kick off development phases while still having some polish to support grant proposals.
Without any new groundbreaking features to puzzle out, the goal was really to clean up and rework existing user flows and interfaces while bringing in a more cohesive style guide. Additionally,  the key interfaces were explored in a mobile viewport as the existing platform struggles to deliver a functional experience outside of a full width experience.

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