Caterpillar wanted was interested in the creation of a learning experience for their employees. They were looking to support employees that were experienced with their products but needed to grow the soft skills that could help them transition into top sales people. In addition, they wanted to support manufacturing level employees to reach new heights as electrical engineers for their products.
User research, user experience, interaction, interface, and visual design.
The work
After an onsite kickoff to absorb as much of the brand and subject matter expertise as we could, our game designer concepted two companion games—a soft sales skills game and a more puzzle-based circuit game. The key learning experiences of both were very different, but the visual style and branding tied them together.

The sales game centered around management of customer details and relationships, as well as daily exercises in route planning.
high fidelity UI style mock-ups of some key screens
Discovery wireframes and user flow for core game loops.

icons style exploration
For the second game, players would diagnose circuitry issues in the field. The interface built in some check points with the non player characters, as well as study guides and cheat sheets to support users as they advanced through the lessons.
user flow animatic
core loop and UI walkthrough

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