My background is diverse—I've been a design leader in-house and in agencies, collaborating with a variety of software development processes and lifecycles while targeting solutions to a wide range of users. I have a broad design experience in many industries and product areas, including educational games, augmented and virtual reality, ecommerce, SaaS, audiovisual, and broadcast. I am an adaptable and scrappy design collaborator—equally adept at leading design with fat-marker cross functional workshops, stand-alone design artifacts like prototypes, spec docs, and video walkthroughs, research with users and customers, or presenting to a room of stakeholders.

I have spent the last couple years contributing to a B2B suite of productivity products called Parsable. In my time at Parsable I initiated, authored, and kicked-off a self-sustaining user research program with customer collaboration. One of my first tasks was to help the team transition their design system library from Sketch to Figma, expanding on patterns and components to align with the Storybook developer libraries and WCAG accessibility compliance. My interface contributions straddled several products, from technical admin interfaces for webhook, and data pipeline configuration, embedded analytics dashboards, and core workflows for a mobile work execution application.

In my next role, I am looking to join an established design team with a strong leader. I am happiest with a full plate of projects, some agency, opportunity for impact, and growth.

In my free time find me; in nature, hiking with my dog; on the trails, biking; at home crafting with my kids; in the kitchen cooking for my family; or in the air, performing aerial arts in a local circus.

she's mad but she's magic
there's no lie in her fire

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