Aviary is a cloud-based platform for publishing searchable audio and video content that pinpoints search results to the exact place where a search term is found. If YouTube had a feature set that was targeted at higher learning and archival organizations it would be Aviary.
Aviary Platform offers features for collection managers like researchers and archivists that need to archive or build access to their content. Front-facing features support individuals looking for a deeper level of metadata content with their rich media. As a consultant for Aviary, I am often enlisted to explore a single feature or deliverable project. Every time I finish a feature or project it leaves me wanting to touch more of platform, as the layers of the UI add a complexity that makes for very interesting problems.
Project: Platform Landing PAge Redesign
Roles & Responsibilities
User Experience Design, User Interface Design, branding.

A fresh new face for Aviary to greet, meet, and inform users. Absent of features changes, my goals were to expand the brand, clearly define content types, and offer users clear paths forward into their interests.

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