Coyle Carpet is a third-generation family-owned home flooring and product company. They have a showroom and services to support customers from DIY homeowners to commercial contractors. As a long time client we reached out to Coyle Carpet about redirecting their website away from a product focus and towards their strengths—design and support—to set them apart from big-box competition.

The legacy Coyle site was built on Magento with some heavy modification to handle their project galleries and other dynamic blog-type content. We proposed a custom WordPress solution with future integrations for product management that would remove the walls between them and their website content. Coyle adopts much of its product-heavy messaging and branding from a co-op parent company, Carpet One, but Coyle offers customers a more design inspired and supported experience. The new site focuses heavily on their project portfolio, service, history, and staff with all content areas easily editable through their admin.

Branding exploration was the first step towards a more sophisticated interior design feeling for the site. With a soothing palette of neutrals to set the stage for their project photography to shine. Some simple tweaks brought their logo into harmony with the new aesthetic with support or some bright and dynamic colors to lead users and add interest. 
Roles & Responsibilities
Information Architecture, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Branding.

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